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Mogadishu, 5 June 2017 – The Burundi National Defence Forces (BNDF) has deployed a new battle group to serve under the African Union Mission in Somalia.

The arrival, Monday, completes the deployment of battalion 43, headed by Maj. Chartier Nyandwi, which takes over from battalion 37 that has completed tour of duty.

The group was received at the Mogadishu International Airport by the Sector Five Commander of the BNDF, Brig. Gen. Venuste Nduwayo, and the commander of the outgoing battalion, Maj. Adolphe Kaguruka.

Speaking at the Airport, Brig. Gen. Nduwayo saluted the outgoing battalion for a job well done, noting that the troops had played a key role in liberating parts of Somalia, the recent one being Murtiigo.

“The battalion that is rotating out has executed its mandate very well. The troops have exhibited discipline and always observed the rules of engagement. They have done very well and I take this opportunity to congratulate them. I hope that they will continue with the same spirit back home,” Brig. Gen. Nduwayo observed.
The Sector Five Commander added that the outgoing battalion had been instrumental in implementing Operation Antelope, whose objective is to open up and secure main supply routes, particularly in the resource-rich HirShabelle state.

Maj. Nyandwi, the Commander of the incoming battalion was enthusiastic and expressed optimism his team will deliver and help the Mission achieve its mandate of stabilizing Somalia.

“We have come to ensure continuity with the AMISOM mission and help our Somali brothers attain peace, just like other battalions have done. We will work with our Somali brothers, and with the training that we have got, I am sure we will deliver and that Somalia will attain peace,” Maj. Nyandwi explained.

Maj. Kaguruka urged his successor to serve diligently and build on the already good relations existing between the BNDF and the local community.

“The message I can give the new commander and his team is that he should maintain or even improve the existing good relations that we have by working closely with the local population and the Somali national institutions,” Maj. Kaguruka stated.

The BNDF is in charge of Sector Five which is headquartered in Jowhar, the administrative capital of HirShabelle state.